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About David Lee

Over his 47 years of life, David Lee has discovered one clear fact: the older he gets, the better he gets. He has cultivated his gifts as a rap and R&B artist while building up his understanding of the business world — ultimately allowing him to provide for himself, his family, and those close to him. His success with Flow-4-Flow, however, can be traced back to his dear, late mother. Just a day after she was buried on April 25, 2017, David Lee found his hand drawn by the Spirit towards his pen. He hasn't stopped writing since, and he believes that it is her drive to provide for the family that now drives him forward.

To David Lee, age is just a number. While some might have retired from the scene by the age of 47, he continues to be driven towards success. He believes his gifts, granted through God and his mother's driving Spirit, need to be shared throughout the world. David hopes that his work will serve as inspiration so others can find their gifts and share them with others, as he believes in giving back above all other things.

David Lee

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