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"I am the Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley of Rap!"

A Gifted Old-School Rap Artist

Owner and artist David Lee is a rap artist who is proud to present top-notch tunes that call back to the glory days of Tupac and Scarface. If you're looking for lyrics from a gifted mind that will transport you to the best days of rap and R&B, Flow-4-Flow is here to show you the way. We produce unique tracks with a legit message — something that many modern artists fail over and over again. With over 47 years of life experience, David Lee delivers a real message straight to you with every lyric.

Right now, you can pick up our killer singles for the affordable price of just $1.29 each. Interested individuals are welcome to contact us directly to purchase our entire CD. In addition to providing epic tunes for interested listeners, David Lee is always ready to travel internationally to bring his musical stylings wherever you need them. Contact us now to book him for an unforgettable performance.

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